We thought you should know just what a typical day is like at MCCA and why we so desperately need volunteers to help us in our efforts
to save homeless companion animals.

The day starts at 8:00am with feeding of all animals. The dogs are let out for exercise three times during the day and runs are cleaned.
Litter boxes and the cat self feeders are filled. That is just the general care of the shelter and its inhabitants; there is still a lot more work
to be done. The lawn needs to be mowed, the waste needs to be picked up, the animals’ need baths, nails need to be clipped, stitches
removed, painting and building maintenance, and veterinary visits made. The list goes on.

We receive a lot of calls at the shelter, unfortunately the calls we receive the most are from people wishing to relinquish their animals or
from people who have found an animal that has been abandoned.  Typical calls in a day include:

  • •  2 year old lab mix, no shots, not fixed, overly protective, owner relinquish.
  • •  Owner is entering assisted living and cannot keep cat. No one in the family will take it.  Owner   relinquish.
  • •  Abandoned dog found with 2 puppies, weak, skinny, dirty, ticks and fleas.
  • •  Found 9 dumped puppies, 8 weeks old.
  • •   Chocolate lab and beagle dumped by a farm, both injured one with broken leg.
  • •   Warrenton Animal Control with a dog about to be killed because his 5 days are up. Lab mix, very friendly and sweet.

There is never an official ending to the day or day off at the shelter. The animals must be taken care of daily and not everyone can meet
us during regular business hours.  

We’re hoping you’re asking yourself, “Just what can I do to help?” You can help by volunteering at MCCA.  We have only a few
dedicated volunteers and we need more.  A lot of people have said to me that they would like to volunteer but they are afraid that it will
be too sad for them or that they will end up bringing home another animal.  I can honestly say that IT IS NOT SAD.  It is a JOY to work
with the animals and the joy they have when they see a familiar face is inspiring. And you won’t bring home another animal because not
every animal is the right animal for you, but every animal at MCCA would be grateful for your attention and care.

Some of your help can be things you do from home, on your phone or computer.  You could help transporting animals for veterinary
visits. We always need volunteers to help out at our fund raising and special events like Maifest and Oktoberfest. There are so many
things, and maybe some we haven’t thought of, that you could help us with.

Someone once said,”You cannot change the world by helping one animal, but you can certainly change the world for that one animal.”
And that alone makes it all worth the effort.

If you would like to volunteer, please call to schedule an appointment.


Please send the application to;
23901 Massas Creek Road
Hermann, MO  65041
Massas Creek Companion Animals
Hermann, Missouri
Volunteer at MCCA