Dogs available for adoption
Name:    Tina
Sex:         Female
Breed:    Dalmation/Bull Dog Mix.
Age:        Senior
Wt:          65 lbs.
She gets along great with children as well as other dogs.
Completed 8 wk Basic Obedience
Please be sure to bring a collar and a leash. Also a crate if applicable.
Adoption Application
Open the application and save to your computer.
Fill it out and use "send as attachment" to email  
the application.  This is the only way we will be
able to read the file
Name                       Annie
Sex                            Female
Breed                        Lab Mix
Age                            Adult
Weight                      80 lbs.
Sweet and very playful and full of energy.
Skin condition requires prescription
Completed 8 week Basic Obedience
Name:        Sunny
Sex:            Female
Breed:        Pit Bull Mix
Age:            Adult
Wt:              55 lbs.
Happy go lucky, loves everybody, her name describes her
disposition perfectly, very sweet and gentle.  And she
loves to have her belly rubbed.
Sunny is a special needs dog who requires skin meds for
a chronic skin condition.
Name:        Chili Pepper
Sex:             Female
Breed:         Vizsla Mix
Age:             Adult
Wt:               40 lbs.
Chili is a smart and beautiful girl, she is loving and very energetic and
rambunctious. She will make some family a great pet but will need
someone with a patient and consistent hand
If you would like any additional
information or pictures of any of our
pets, please feel free to contact us.
Name:       Miranda
Sex:            Female
Breed:        Pit Bull Mix
Age:            Adult
Weight:      58 lbs.
Very sweet and loving.
Name:    Stella
Sex:         Female
Breed:    Dalmation Mix
Age:         Adult
Size:        Medium Large
A Beautiful puppy who is going to be a large dog in a short time.  
She is very personable and loves to get close for hugs.  She still
has a lot of puppy energy but she is not too rowdy.
Name:    Ella
Sex:         Female
Breed:     Basset Hound
Age:         Senior

Ella is a very friendly basset.  She has a sweet and calm
Name:       Hobo
Sex:            Male
Breed:        Beagle/ Pit Bull Mix
Age:            Adult
Size            Small
Hobo is a dog with a lot of fun loving personality.  He is
so cute, he looks like a cartoon character.  He would
make some little boy or girl a great companion.
Calm, happy and easy going.
Name:       Lotus
Sex:            Female
Breed:        Husky / Heeler Mix
Age:            Adult
Size:           Medium
Lotus will be a little stand-offish at first but once she warms up to you
and gains your trust, you will have a friend for life.
Name:       Lucy Lou
Sex:            Female
Breed:        Plott Hound / Shepard Mix
Age:            Adult
Size:           Medium
Lucy Lou still in her puppy stage even thought she is probably full
size now.  She is happy, feisty and wanting to play most of the time.  
She has a sweet disposition and is a very pretty young girl.